[ENet-discuss] If it possible to know if a packet has been delivered ?

Emmanuel Rivoire manu.n02 at laposte.net
Fri May 25 06:43:25 PDT 2012

At 20:17 25/05/2012, you wrote:
>Oh, I just thought of one other way, that doesn't even require 
>hacking into the library. Just set the freeCallback in the packet. 
>There are only two cases a reliable packet ever actually gets freed: 
>when all queues it has been entered into finally sent it, or if the 
>connection got disconnected before that happened. Either way, the 
>freeCallback was actually put in for subversive purposes like this.

Ok thanks, good simple solution !

And yup, my wording had been a bit approximative, it should have read 
: " is there an easy way to know if a reliable packet has been 
delivered to its target peer ? " ..! ;-)

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