[ENet-discuss] Some ENet issues

Philip Bennefall philip at u7142039.fsdata.se
Tue Jul 13 21:45:57 PDT 2010

Hi Lee and others,

I am having some minor issues with ENet.

First, I'm trying to get the average up and downstream for each peer by using the appropriate data fields in the peer structure but it always returns 0 for some reason. The same seems to be true with the host structure as well.

Second, when I look at the average round trip time for a peer, this value is only correct if I send out a few reliable packets. on localhost, for instance, I ran a test where I sent 30 unreliable packets every second. I poll the network every 5 milliseconds, but got an average round trip of 44 milliseconds. When I changed it to reliable packets, however, I got an average of 12 which seems much more reasonable. Is this intended behavior?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall
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