[ENet-discuss] Limiting the channels

M. Rijks enet at forge.dds.nl
Thu Apr 8 05:03:34 PDT 2010

> I am in the process of designing a networking library for a particular
> game development system, and I am using ENet as the underlying
> 'protocol'. The things I am building on top of it is a transparent and
> easy-to-use interface, player management, session management and all
> that jazz. I also wish to set up ENet-driven lobby server software
> which can host any game that uses this library, as well as instructing
> hosts to punch holes for connecting players.

Addition: what I meant is that the lobby server will be used as a  
connection point where sessions can be advertised regardless of which  
game it is. The actual sessions themselves are hosted by one of the  
connecting parties - the lobby server is merely the initial meeting  

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