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Do you have any particular questions that you feel are not answered in the 
tutorial? I agree that it isn't the best documentation but in my case, at 
least, it was enough to get me going and then I figured out the rest by 
trial and error as you say. I could definitely provide you with a full 
client/server test, but it won't be much more than what the tutorial already 

I'll be glad to offer any help I can, though.

Philip Bennefall
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> Like many, I am a newbie that is migrating my custom udp library to enet.
> After much reading and wayyy to much time spent figuring things out by 
> trial and error, I am still working out issues that have clearly been 
> solved by others who have gone through this same process of making sense 
> of the skimpy documentation.
> I really need something more than code snipppets of a basic subset of the 
> library.
> A full client server program  is mentioned in the Aug 2008 archives, but 
> unfortunately, the list server doesn't make it available.  Will somebody 
> please put one online somewhere, ot at least modify the documentation to 
> provide something a little more robust?
> sorry to be a nit, but I bet I am not the only one that could use some 
> better examples. The tutorial just leaves too many unanswered questions.
> David
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