[ENet-discuss] Enet Lag

Jonathan Hodgkinson jonathan.hodgkinson at gmail.com
Mon May 4 06:14:58 PDT 2009


I'm attempting to create a FPS game on the iPhone and Im using Enet for the
networking, however Im having problems with packets not being sent through
fast enough.

Im using the following to create a packet:

 ENetPacket* packet = enet_packet_create(message, [allPackets[p].message
 enet_peer_send(sPeer, 0, packet);

The server I have running basically acts as a dumb terminal just sending
back out whatever it receives in. Im only running this locally so I expected
to get at least 30 packets a second but Im only getting about 10 a second.

Is this typical of enet, or should be able to get alot better performance
out of it?

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