[ENet-discuss] ENet package broadcasting

Espen Overaae minthos at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 12:55:37 PST 2009

Hello, and at the risk of sounding arrogant and condescending,

> Because of our fixed time step, we wait every client to send its input to
> every one. When data arrives, we update next frame.

that is a bad idea,

> But the problem is that it takes way to long for data to arrive from client
> to server or vice versa.

and that is why.

> So my question is, what could cause such big lag? The data can take even
> half a second to arrive. When sending text messages, or ping messages it
> appears to work properly. The data arrives with minimal delay.
> The size of input data that we are sending is about 120 bytes depends on
> amount of inputs pressed.

I assume you're sending the packets over a LAN, since packets over the
internet often take as long as half a second to arrive. If you are,
then I have no idea what could be wrong, sorry.

Espen Overaae

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