[ENet-discuss] Different enet versions of server and client

Lee Salzman lsalzman1 at cox.net
Thu Jan 10 19:40:52 PST 2008

The protocols used in different point releases are incompatible. I am 
roughly going by this scheme:

Version numbers are X.Y.Z

If X is different, then the API and/or internals have radically altered 
beyond all hope of compatibility.
If Y is different, the API is roughly the same, but the protocol is not 
If Z is different, then only bug-fixes and minor changes have occurred, 
but the protocol has not changed at all and should still be compatible.


GUAN ZHI wrote:
> Hi, all,  I have a question, If I use enet 1.1 for the server however 
> the client keeps 1.0, will it lead to any mistake?  thanks

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