[ENet-discuss] QUERY: enet vs STL

Bjørn bjorn at lindeijer.nl
Sat Jan 5 05:41:06 PST 2008

Andrew Wan schreef:
> Hi list
> Quick question. Does enet include any queuing/buffering? My Windows App 
> is event-driven and so I like to update the display ONLY if there is any 
> change in the global game state. Otherwise if I keep on refreshing the 
> Windows App display on every packet received then the WinApp loses 
> mouse-drags, mouse-events, etc. and the whole WinApp flickers 
> continuously. So I want to get around this by queuing up events when the 
> client receives them.
> I tried using STL <queue> but couldn't get it working.. maybe it's C++ 
> only and my Allegro/WinApp is C. Do you have any other suggestiongs?

You obviously need to use a C++ compiler when you want to use std::queue.


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