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Marc Rochel marc.rochel at udicom.de
Thu Dec 13 05:25:57 PST 2007

I tried using ENet for an high throughput application on a gbit LAN as
well a few months back. I added a line that increases the sendbuffer of
the socket to make it work at all somehow - such a line is in the
current enet version as well. However, I never managed to get it really
fast. I'm not exactly sure why. I dono't know the exakt max speed I was
able to get anymore, but it was below 20mb/s, but also above 2.3mb/s for
your cropped frames. What happened if I treid to send more than the max
speed that worked it just didn't get faster instead the memory
consumption on the sender grow and grow until it crashed because of out
of memory. I used reliable packets so it probably queued them all up
over time. Anyways, after fiddeling around with the bandwidth
throtteling part and timeouts of enet and not managing to get it working
I switched to tcp and that's where the 20mb/s limit now comes from. I
left it that way because I remember that solution being faster than
ENet. I guessed ENet is more suited for internet kind of speed like
<1mb/s at that moment.
I also did some simple test: The maximum speed I was able to get with
simple tcp connections was around 20mb/s on a gbit lan. It might be
limited by cpu power instead of bandwidth limit. I also tried sending
udp packets and was able to get 80mb/s - with some dropping packets.
Note that this is based on experience I had with ENet around Feb 2007. I
didn't test a current version for that application.



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Is ENet appropriate for streaming live video?
I tried it, sending 30 frames per second, each frame as a 230400 byte
sized unreliable packet. I have a 1 gbit LAN.
The results were not good. The frames weren't arriving fast enough, the
video played on the client in slow motion. I tried cropping the video,
so that each frame would be only 76800 bytes, and there was little to no
When I cut the frame rate down to only 2 frames/packets per second (each
packet 230400 bytes), then things worked ok, but this is unsatisfactory.

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