[ENet-discuss] Bandwidth limits

Martin Sherburn spacedude at konggame.co.uk
Sun Dec 2 15:57:18 PST 2007

I was just wondering what exactly the incoming and outgoing bandwidth 
limits represent when set on the host via either enet_host_create or 
enet_host_bandwidth_limit. Do they limit the total bandwidth for ALL 
peers? Or is it a limit per peer. So for example if I set the limit to 
say 10 kb/sec and 10 peers are connected. Do they each get 10kb/sec or 
10kb/sec shared between all of them (i.e. 1kb/sec each more or less).

Ideally I'd like to set a limit of 10 kb/sec per peer. So that resources 
are shared out fairly equally between clients. Currently it seems that 
all players get a big lag spike when a new player connects, and I think 
its because the connecting client sucks up all the bandwidth.

Any suggestions and what is the best way to proceed?



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