[ENet-discuss] Question about channels / connection

Olle Persson ollep8934 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 23 04:49:12 PST 2004


Im looking for a network library that supports UDP both reliable and 
unreliable. Enet seems to be the perfect choice but I have one question that 
bothers me. First the case:

1 server and up to 50 clients. All communication to / from the server will 
use one port number lets say 3322, firewall reasons. Id like to use two 
channels. One for update packets (this is a game server btw) which is 
unreliable and one for commands/messages that is reliable. As far as I can 
see this should not pose a problem.

However Im uncertain about the reliable channel. Lets say one client 
disconnects somehow. Before Enet time outs the connection will this single 
client stall the reliable channel causing problems for all the other 49 
clients? Or (this is what I hope for) will Enet handle channels on a per 
host basis?

Looking forward to using Enet!

/Magnus Gustafsson

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