[ENet-discuss] 1.0 imminent - any requests?

Brad Monahan xbradx_00 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 23 07:53:29 PST 2003

My only requests would be what someone suggested last month. I don't know if 
he actually contributed to anything or just merely offered the ideas, but I 
think they would be good additions. Perhaps you will feel some of these 
would be better off in the next release. Here they are again though just to 
reitterate my requests.

1. memory handling
	- ENET use a dynamic memory allocation scheme for incoming/outgoing packet 
	  This would be nice, but more sensitive against user bugs.
	  I hope the amount of memory used by enet is fixed, as TCP in kernel does.
	  (I added pbuf list mechanism to ENET to handle packet header management 
like mbuf in TCP,
               but command list handling is, I think, another complex issue. 
2. disconnection/recovery handling
	- I added a simple recovery scheme by comparing challenge values.
3  remote reset handling
	- When one party of a communication pair is abnormally exited,
	  the other party detects it somewhat long time after. I remember
	  PING messages are used for this purpose, but RTT mechanism
	  should be enhanced for faster detection, I think.

I'll be trying the new code and seeing how it works as well. Keep up the 
good work.


>From: Lee Salzman <lsalzman at telerama.com>
>Reply-To: Discussion of the ENet library <enet-discuss at cubik.org>
>To: enet-discuss at cubik.org
>Subject: [ENet-discuss] 1.0 imminent - any requests?
>Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003 23:00:41 -0500
>     I'm almost ready to declare a 1.0 release. I think I've finally
>worked out the last of the stupidity in the throttling and connection
>handling, and also committed Scott's new pyenet stuff. Could you guys
>try the CVS and make sure it works, gimme feedback, etc.?
>     Also, are there any particular features or changes you would like to
>ENet before the 1.0 and that can't wait for another point release?
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