[ENet-discuss] Thinking of using Enet for my cross-platform library.

Bruce Mitchener enet-discuss@cubik.org
Sat, 05 Apr 2003 19:06:31 -0700


James Turk wrote:
> I just discovered ENet and I am rather impressed, I am thinking of using 
> Enet for my cross-platform library ZEngine, but first I wanted to ask a 
> couple of things.  (Just to make it clear I would be providing C++ 
> wrapper classes, a ZClient and ZServer and possibly a ZPacket.)


> a) Is ENet stable?

It is my impression that it is.  It has been used for some now in the 
Cube engine without issues or needing things to be fixed.  The last 
major set of changes was the addition of documentation, rather than code 
changes. :)

> b) In what way would the authors prefer me to include ENet?  Should I 
> link users of my library to the ENet website, should I link them to a 
> static library, or would it be ok if I simply included the ENet source 
> in the source distribution of my own library (in the designated 
> '/external' directory specifically for code that is not part of my 
> library itself) but of course this would make my usage of ENet 
> transparent to anybody who does not read the readme/copyright files.

We're planning on using ENet in the Nebula Device 
(http://nebuladevice.sf.net/, a MIT-like licensed 3D engine) as part of 
our game framework.  As we do that, we'll just link against ENet and 
have people install it themselves, and probably provide Windows and 
Linux builds as part of our 'extra libs' download.

> By the way, my library uses the BSD license, so there should be no 
> concern about people interpreting your code as something which is (L)GPL 
> or anything like that.

Good to see more BSD-licensed libraries out there. :)

  - Bruce