[vworld-tech] Hydra

Felix A. Croes felix at dworkin.nl
Mon Sep 20 14:57:46 PDT 2010

This is announcement I had wanted to make on MUD-Dev2, but as that
mailing list is still defunct, and as the subject is also perfectly
suited to this list:

I have written a server engine named Hydra.  Hydra is the successor of
DGD, and was created to take advantage of multiple processors while
simulating a single-threaded system.  It was inspired by some early,
long-running discussions on the original MUD-Dev:


In this it is similar to RedDwarf (formerly Project Darkstar).  However,
while RedDwarf uses pessimistic locking and deadlock detection to
discover data contention, Hydra uses optimistic concurrency control with
fine-grained locking; deadlocks do not occur.

I've put up a short web page about Hydra here:


Felix Croes

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