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Mike Sellers mike at onlinealchemy.com
Wed Sep 1 05:21:46 PDT 2010

Still here, though surprised to see anything from this list.

Thanks for putting the archive up.  It's fascinating to see how things have
changed, or not changed.

Mike Sellers

On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 5:06 AM, Felix A. Croes <felix at dworkin.nl> wrote:

> Hello, is anyone still receiving this?
> Inactive as it currently is, this mailing list, as an offshoot of the
> late great MUD-Dev, may be the best place where to post the following,
> now that even MUD-Dev2 has gone defunct (both the mud-dev.com domain
> and the owner's email address have lapsed):
> I've put up a mirror of Richard Tew's MUD-Dev archive at
>    https://www.dworkin.nl/pipermail/mud-dev-archive/
> I've done some light editing on the archive.  A few messages that
> crept in from other sources were removed, some postings without
> subject now have one so they are accessible from the web pages,
> a number of munged headers were repaired and mime-encoded messages
> without headers were decoded, and I've tried to undo the damage of
> multiple iterations of restoring a mailbox from web archives,
> which had turned
>    > Bubba said
> into
>    &amp;amp;gt; Bubba said
> Regards,
> Felix Croes
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