[vworld-tech] MUD-Dev mailing list archive

Felix A. Croes felix at dworkin.nl
Wed Sep 1 03:06:32 PDT 2010

Hello, is anyone still receiving this?

Inactive as it currently is, this mailing list, as an offshoot of the
late great MUD-Dev, may be the best place where to post the following,
now that even MUD-Dev2 has gone defunct (both the mud-dev.com domain
and the owner's email address have lapsed):

I've put up a mirror of Richard Tew's MUD-Dev archive at


I've done some light editing on the archive.  A few messages that
crept in from other sources were removed, some postings without
subject now have one so they are accessible from the web pages,
a number of munged headers were repaired and mime-encoded messages
without headers were decoded, and I've tried to undo the damage of
multiple iterations of restoring a mailbox from web archives,
which had turned

    > Bubba said


    > Bubba said

Felix Croes

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