[vworld-tech] RE: Python/java for the back end

ceo ceo at grexengine.com
Sat Apr 30 19:30:02 PDT 2005

Alex Chacha wrote:
 > Java makes a lot of the coding easy at first but I (personally) find it
 > tough to give up performance knowing well that once I start increasing
 > the game engine complexity I will start to feel the performance
 > bottlenecks.

 From what you've said so far, I have a sneaking suspicion you're trying 
to write C++ in java ;), which tends to lead to very bad performance. 
And yet, to any experienced C++ dev, it all "looks" correct, and like it 
ought to run fast.

For instance, doing things that you learn from C++, because you have to, 
where you learnt all about what was actually happening to your compiled 
code. These used to work 5-10 years ago, when java was not too 
dissimilar from C++ to assembler compilation, but nowadays just tie your 
runtime compiler's hands behind its back and tie its shoelaces together.

In java, you see people implementing their own "fast" lists, or 
finalizing every single method, believing it helps. Nowadays, both just 
make your app run slower, usually.


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