[vworld-tech] Python for the backend

Brian Hook hook_l at bookofhook.com
Wed Apr 27 13:50:22 PDT 2005

> For my latest project I wanted a quick and dirty backend code so I
> can concentrate on the questing and crafting engine, all was well
> initially and then I did a small 10 client load test and saw that
> it just did not scale well at all.

Why?  Did you profile this?  I can't see how a 10 client load test 
would fail even with something catastrophically slow.

> Given that I did more testing with java and managed to improve
> performance by only using 10 worker threads and managed 50 client
> load before I started noticing lag.

Did you just try doing this as a single threaded server with network 
marshalling at the top of the main loop?  This has worked very 
effectively for me in the past and dodges a lot of the problem 
associated with multithreading the server (and associated threading 
problems found with many languages).


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