[vworld-tech] Middleware Reviews/Comparisons

Jim Purbrick Jpurbrick at climaxgroup.com
Thu Jun 10 03:19:09 PDT 2004

<takes deep breath before raising head above parapet again/>

I'd really like to hear more too. In fact I'd like to hear more about all
the current middleware options and how they differ in terms of philosophy
and technology. I went through most of the brochures a couple of years ago,
but I didn't come across ReplicaNet and presumably there are others that
were either under my radar at the time or have either appeared, changed
substantially or vanished in the mean time. With Martin and Adam on the list
we should be able to get some good insight in to the current state of the

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> Martin Piper wrote:
> > I'll refrain from going in to too much depth however, since 
> it might be seen
> > as being a bit off topic. :) (I can talk for hours on this topic.)
> I certainly don't mind hearing more.
>   - Bruce

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