[vworld-tech] Combining networking modes?

Crosbie Fitch crosbie at cyberspaceengineers.org
Fri Jun 4 06:07:25 PDT 2004

> From: Martin Piper
> I'm sending the privately because it might seem like 
> advertising, but I know
> ReplicaNet (www.replicanet.com) would cope with that kind of game. :)

Seems a bit like Quazal's NetZ.

Any major differences?

Anyway, I'm primarily interested to know if anyone's done/doing a brute force hybridisation, e.g. client/server MMOG supporting say 5,000 battleships with a local FPS system supporting up to 16 player crews.

So I'm not necessarily wondering what technology to use because I need to develop such a game, I just use such a game as a possible example for my primary interest, which is to know whether anyone has created such a hybridised system.

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