[vworld-tech] Telnet negotiation

Brian Hook hook_l at pyrogon.com
Sun Jan 25 17:21:48 PST 2004

>> - no more local echo, player can't see shit, they need to get a
>> new client
> Right.  Fortunately these clients can just be handled by a server-
> side hack.

Which hack specifically?  WILL ECHO and then manually echo back 
assuming character-mode?

> Yeah, I occasionally think about setting up SSH tunnels & such, but
> it hasn't yet been worth the effort.

We'll have to do this eventually.

> *) You need to handle control characters like backspace.  My
> handler discards any control characters other thank backspace,
> delete, control-U, control-W, tab, and bell.

Same here.

> *) It is possible for multiple lines to arrive in the same packet,
> and the buffering shouldn't discard subsequent commands.  (This
> happens if someone pastes in a sequence of commands, for example.)

Good point, hadn't thought of that.

> *) It may interact oddly with the usual filtering for nul-after
> carriage-return, and doubling "latin small letter y with diaeresis"
> (IAC).

What is CR/NUL?


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