[vworld-tech] Telnet negotiation

Brian Hook hook_l at pyrogon.com
Sun Jan 25 11:55:33 PST 2004

> I tried to make sense of the Windows Telnet some time ago, but when
> you think about it - do you really need it? 

For compatibility, yes.  It's the LCD for all the major MUD clients 
out there until someone comes up with a universally accepted alternate 

It's also a client available right now, so I can do server development 
and defer client development later.

> Why not throw together a client program for Windows? 

I'm doing that as well.  The problem then is that you're dictating the 
tools to the user, and if someone is already using Portal or ZMUD or 
[insert any of the other dozens of other MUD clients here], they may 
be alienated enough that they don't want to even give you a try.


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