[vworld-tech] Embedding JavaScript

Brian Crowder crowder at fiverocks.com
Sat Jan 24 19:58:06 PST 2004

> Back when I did Mozilla/JS for a living, I always wanted to write a
> series of articles with Brendan and Rob Ginda and co in the vein of
> "Effective C++", but aimed at JS engine embedders.  There's a lot of
> "Effective JSAPI" knowledge out there that isn't captured outside
> newsgroup posts and the like, unfortunately, and it would be nice to fix
> that up.  Maybe Mr. Crowder has some old IRC logs with advice that he
> would codify more properly. =)

Argh!  You -would- call me out publically on this!  :)  I had been 
maintaining a doc like this for a while, mostly for my own private use 
(and the use of those on my team who might later be subjected to my 
efforts), and kept intending to expand and post to jseng (an 
exceptionally useful resource for embedders, the USENET newsgroup), but 
now that you mention it, I can't even find the remnants of that doc. 
Probably submerged with the rest of the project I was working on, alas.

Perhaps Mr. Hook will undertake the project once he's been thoroughly 
convinced of the might of the 'monkey.  ;)

Another exceptionally useful resource for Spidermonkey embedders is the 
Mozilla LXR (searchable, web-accessable codebase of Mozilla) searches 
that are hyperlinked from the documents in the Embedder's Guide on the 
like Mike just posted (I usually turn to this code for help first, THEN 
bug Mike on IRC, these days, then if he doesn't know I go to the jseng 
newsgroup  :).

-- Brian

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