[vworld-tech] free SQL DBs

Lee teelf at ascendantmud.net
Fri Jan 23 23:40:32 PST 2004

I went with sqlite (www.sqlite.org) in my server.

There were several reasons for choosing it:  It has a great license (public
domain).  It claims to be two times faster than MySQL and PostgreSQL for
most 'common' operations (Our mud is not yet live so I do not have any usage
statistics to report).  It supports transactions.  I don't anticipate
needing the features it's missing (the only irritation has been the lack of
an ALTER TABLE).  Since my server provides an RPC it isn't effected by
sqlite being an embedded db.

The only real downside I have found so far is sqlite uses signed integers
for row IDs.  This is a limit that could conceivably be reached by a large
mud over a number of months.

A peculiar aspect of sqlite is that it's typeless.  The author feels that
the strong typing of SQL is a misfeature.  Sqlite stores everything as null
terminated strings and doesn't have any problems storing a varchar in an int
field or vice versa.

So far I've been happy with it but, as I said, haven't had it under a full

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