[vworld-tech] Modern MUD server design

Brian Hook hook_l at pyrogon.com
Thu Jan 22 11:26:38 PST 2004

> The current versions of MySQL offer transaction support only if you
> specify the tables as an InnoDB type.  

Good to know.  And it looks like the price for MySQL Pro isn't that 
insane at all -- $495.00 is a pretty reasonable price.

> The 'trick' is simply to run multiple replicated databases, all on
> RAID disks, and usually use a hardware solution to provide for
> transparent failover.

Any good papers on how to set this up?  I'm fine without transparent 
failover, I'm mostly concerned about data loss.  Mirrored hard drives 
with a replicated database might be enough to keep things going 

> the kernel should be basic, concerned with server I/O, base graphic
> engine (if required), and other sundry items.

Absolutely.  The more that is tied into the kernel, the more game 
specific it gets.  I'm finding over time that I'm migrating more and 
more into the Lua stuff (mostly gated by my inexperience with Lua -- 
the lack of docs for Lua really, really pisses me off).


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