[vworld-tech] Modern MUD server design

Lee teelf at ascendantmud.net
Wed Jan 21 23:03:53 PST 2004

Brian Crowder wrote:
> Brian Hook wrote:
> > I've been dorking around with an experimental MUD server design,
> > nothing genius, just trying different kinds of technology, and was
> > curious what others had to say on it.
> >
> > NOTE: I have never seen Diku or LPC code bases, so there is a good
> > chance that I'm doing things A.) stupidly or B.) reinventing the
> > wheel, but that's fine, since I'm doing this for educational purposes.
> >
> > The server is divided into three main components:
> >
> > * kernel (written in a standard compiled language)
> > * game logic (written in an embeddeded scripting language)
> > * database
> >
> In my opinion, a pretty solid approach.  Of the architectures I've seen
> for both professional and "hobby" multi-user games, the better
> architectures have usually been those that gravitate more toward very
> high-level languages (or structured data) for defining game content.

Why is that?  What advantages are there to writing the game logic in a
scripting language versus writing it in the same language as the kernel.  If
all things else are equal, I would prefer to write the game logic in the
language I know best which is the language of my kernel.  Would anyone be
willing to compare the two?

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