[vworld-tech] Some resources for MMOG server development

Brian Hook hook_l at pyrogon.com
Sun Jan 18 16:13:02 PST 2004

> stuff is glossed over; the advice is good (e.g. "Just don't bother
> using TCP, TCP + UDP hybrid, etc - use someone else's like ENet"),
> but with almost no explanation of why.

And one more thing -- if someone wants to summarize what they feel are 
the non-controversial cogent points of TCP vs. UDP, I'll gladly take 
that information and add it to the article.

Right now the biggest factor is that TCP stalls all traffic if 
anything comes out of order.  It also does not support multichannel 
communication, so a single lost packet can back up a bunch of 
unrelated stuff.  There are other issues with how it handles backoff 
and congestion control, but I don't think those are as important as 
the reliability mechanism causing problems.

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