[vworld-tech] Re: Database usage

Jim Purbrick Jpurbrick at climax.co.uk
Fri Feb 20 06:12:07 PST 2004

> From: Brian Hook
> Right now my reads are blocking because, well, it's easier.  I'm 
> assuming this isn't going to scale well, but my instinct right now is 
> that doing non-blocking queries is going to be...gross.

It is. The thing you were doing needs to be paused and you need to get on
with something else while you're waiting. Given that this is similar to
message passing over a network, I'd consider a database server process which
communicates with the game server over the network. The game server gets
client requests over the network, sends the database server requests over
the network and gets database responses back from the network. Otherwise the
game server needs to deal with async networking at one end and async
database access at the other.

> Does anyone here block on DB reads successfully?

No. It doesn't work. Better plan for async access ahead of time as you are
going to need it.

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