[vworld-tech] Modern MUD server design

Mats Lidstrom mats.lidstrom at torpet.ac
Fri Feb 20 03:53:52 PST 2004

From: "Brian Hook" <hook_l at pyrogon.com>
>Pike is another interesting candidate, especially considering its
>roots.  It's fast, easy to use for C programmers, has lots of
>packages, etc.  Unfortunately it lacks what I consider adequate
>documentation, and my understanding (without actually bothering the
>Pike mailing list) is that unloading code and/or replacing live code
>is a non-trivial operation.

The lack of documentation is a known problem and I think an extra effort is
made to fix that problem. Anyone interested can check

>If dynamically replacing code wasn't so important to me, I'd probably
>be using Obj-C or Pike.

Um.... this is the reason I'm using Pike. I develop my virtual world "from
the inside". I actually log in to it and develop code in runtime.
Dynamically replacing code is essential to me.

The only running MUD i know that uses pike right now is YumeMUD. Made by the
author of Pike - Fredrik Hubinette - and can be found at
http://www.hubbe.net/. The actual MUD-code you have to ask for.


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