[vworld-tech] Re: Database usage

Brian Hook hook_l at pyrogon.com
Sat Feb 14 08:32:40 PST 2004

On Sat, 14 Feb 2004 10:12:51 -0000, Richard wrote:
> The database is hit as infrequently as possible.  

What database are you using?  Are the performance problems you have 
addressable with more servers or beefier hardware, or have you reached 
the limit there as well?

> However, while writing this I have thought about how having cached
> data affects me when writing game logic code in Python. If I have
> to do a database read (which is non-blocking of course) 

Right now my reads are blocking because, well, it's easier.  I'm 
assuming this isn't going to scale well, but my instinct right now is 
that doing non-blocking queries is going to be...gross.  I'm hoping 
that caching will offset a large part of this potential performance 
hit, but if I invalidate the cache en masse for some reason, I don't 
want the entire world to stall for 30 seconds as everything is pulled 
back in.

Does anyone here block on DB reads successfully?


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