[vworld-tech] Verbs or Updates or Both?

Mats Lidstrom mats.lidstrom at torpet.ac
Fri Feb 13 06:19:20 PST 2004

From: "Jim Purbrick" <Jpurbrick at climax.co.uk>
> MUDs traditionally seem to deal in verbs for communication: A picks up the
> in C, while NetVR systems seem to deal in synchronising state by
> distributing updates to state: when the difference between position P and
> position P predicted is large, send a new value for P.
> Is one of these approaches better than the other? Are they compatible? Is
> there an ideal mixture? Why do the 2 types of systems tend towards the 2
> approaches? Is it just because MUDs use natural language while NetVR
> worry about synchronising proxy objects? If events are used, should many
> events exist describing verbs like running, jumping and hitting or should
> few events exist describing state updates?
> I'm interested to know what everyone thinks.

I'm trying to grasp your questions. Can you elaborate?


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