[vworld-tech] RE: databse usage

Brian Hook hook_l at pyrogon.com
Tue Feb 10 15:54:40 PST 2004

> There are two types of data you will encounter, static and dynamic

Sure.  We actually call this template data and instance data.  We 
break this down into three categories:

template data -- static, 100% in DB, read-only

ephemeral dynamic data -- dynamic, 0% in DB

persistent dynamic data/instance data -- dynamic, only stored to DB 
and occasionally read back from DB (e.g. during character login)

All transient objects are ephemeral, and the only dynamic data that 
persists are objects in banks, on players or in player homes.

Template data needs to be cached, since it's referenced a lot.  
Ephemeral dynamic data is 100% resident in the script side, so the 
notion of caching doesn't really apply.  The instance data is mostly 
script side and rarely referenced from the DB, so it too does not need 
to be cached.

We currently do not have mutiple servers, but I'm glad you brought 
that up because the DB strategy will affect that and vice versa.


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