[vworld-tech] Database usage

bradley newton haug bradleyhaug at verizon.net
Tue Feb 10 10:35:38 PST 2004

Brian Hook Wrote:

>- how do others use the database?  How frequently is the DB hit?  I'm 
>currently caching query results to minimize the traffic to the DB 
>server.  Do people actually query the DB at run-time or do they try to 
>only do it at load time?

Either is good, amazingly large/complex web sites are run straight out of a
db (with a cache layer for common elements).

If your memory footprint can be huge, consider a serialization method so
objects can 'save themselves' and only hit the db on instantiation/disposal.

>- what kind of performance issues should I start stressing about?

Index your tables.
Use query analyzers.

Database optimization occurs within the db itself, if you follow sane table
and index creation procedures, and pay attention to query plans everything
should be cool.


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