[vworld-tech] MUD codebases

Mirjam Eladhari Mirjam.Eladhari at hgo.se
Fri Aug 27 09:13:33 PDT 2004

I just subscribed to this list. I browsed through the archives and
thought that the question I've been inactively thinking of for a while
now just might have found its forum. 
My name is Mirjam Eladhari, and I'm doing a PhD in computing
science/game development. Before hitting the academic road I worked as
game programmer making single player 3D puzzle/adventure games. Then
spent 2 years in an applied research studio immersed in player character
characterization, story logics and narratives for VW:s. 

I'm looking for a text based MUD codebase suitable for testing stuff in.
But there are so many of them and I'm afraid of: 1 ending up trying one
after another/ 2 spending huge amounts of time staring at
specifications/3. getting really deep into one just to realize I chose
the wrong codebase just because I didn't ask anyone first. 

I've been using the NEL engine (the one Ryzom uses, in beta now) but
since I started doing the PhD I cant rely on getting assets (can't have
dependencies on deliveries) , so I need a cleaner environment where I
don't handle graphics pipelines etc. 

What I'm looking for is a codebase that:
-	Could suit someone who feels at home with Java and C++
-	Is stable, simple and documented rather than has a lot of
-	Has a component based architeture 

I guess most ppl on this list have read Bartles book, where he has a
chapter on different types of codebases (where the perspective is what
type of game play paradigms is central) In those terms the ideal for me
would be a codebase 

- where there is an emphasis on role play, but still possibility to use
adventure type event triggers
- Where players can input content that is persistent, i.e. 'owns' the
world to a large extent. 

Would there be anything with a few of these criterias out there? 

(For me at the moment the scope is not to make a VW, only to test
components in a generic frame of a VW) 

I apologize muchly for cross posting, I'm sending this question to the
MUD dev list as well. Just in case, since saw that the last postings on
this list was in June. 


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