[vworld-tech] VWorld Axioms

ceo ceo at grexengine.com
Tue Apr 13 08:35:13 PDT 2004

Dave wrote:
 > J C Lawrence wrote:
 >> On Tue, 13 Apr 2004 14:18:10 +0100 Jim Purbrick
 >> <Jpurbrick at climaxgroup.com> wrote:
 >>> What are the axioms of virtual worlds?
 >> Such would seem more on-topic for MUD-Dev than this list.
 > MMOGs are not 3d Muds!!!
 > Need proof, just look at planetside

I politely suggest you read the charter for MUD-DEV, rather than simply 
reacting to the name.

I also humbly suggest that the current thread is a bit too thick with 
waffle and random uninformed opinions, and seems to be barely lifting 
it's head above the point where it should be considered "spam". It's 
great to see people pondering things aloud, and I'm all for people to 
bounce ideas around, but there's a line between "people who know what 
they're talking about bouncing ideas" and "the blind chatting to the 
blind and generating lots of random thoughts with little apparent basis 
in background-knowledge or experience".

It would be kind of nice for the thread to go somewhere concrete or else 
wind down. Or, to put it another way, the SNR is dropping so low that 
the "vworld" tag is in danger of switching allegiance in the neverending 
war fought by my spam-filter, becoming a negative weight rather than 

All flames welcome off-list only.


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