[vworld-tech] Big Tin?

Brian Crowder crowder at fiverocks.com
Mon Apr 5 16:26:57 PDT 2004

heh, for Sun's sake, I hope so.  :)  I definitely think the PC 
architectures are catching up.  Whether the card manufacturers are 
keeping pace, or the operating systems are taking advantage of different 
I/O models, I'm not certain.  Regardless, I would imagine Sun and IBM 
aren't simply filing their nails and bragging to one another about how 
fantastic their FSB architectures are while the PC mobo and chip 
manufacturers trounce them.  ;)

All that said, this is another excellent argument for smaller hardware: 
  When the little guys -do- catch up (or outpace the big guys), it'll 
hurt a LOT less to upgrade.

-- Brian Crowder

Mike Shaver wrote:
> On Apr 04, Brian Crowder wrote:
>>(Sun and IBM both offer powerful 
>>crossbar bussing options that simply aren't available on PC 
> Is this true even in the modern era of Opteron/Athlon64 systems with
> HyperTransport busses?
> Mike
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