[vworld-tech] Hello

Matheus Degiovani matheus at tilt.net
Mon Apr 5 09:13:50 PDT 2004

(sending yet again, because it doen't seem to be going... is this list
moderated or is it just me?)

Hello Everyone,

My name is Matheus Degiovani, I work at a game development website
(developing games and gamedev articles), I'm graduating in CS and for
the past few months I've been developing a P2P MMOG framework, along the
lines exposed by Crosbie Fitch.

He has invited me to this list, so I hope we can discuss this and other
related subjects.

In case anyone is interested, source, binary and documentation of my
project (Cy1) are available at http://www.tilt.net/cy1

Matheus Degiovani
matheus at tilt.net

"Nem mesmo os sábios conseguem enxergar os dois lados" - Gandalf em O
Senhor dos Anéis de JRR Tolkien.

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