[vworld-tech] Ultimate MMO Platform

Megan Fox shalinor at circustent.us
Sun Apr 4 11:22:38 PDT 2004

> > From: Megan Fox
> > Bad assumption - who's to say designing for commercial
> > viability will cost
> > anything extra, or take any extra time?  You need securities
> > whether it's
> > commercial or non-commercial, and you need those securities to be
> > user-scalable.  You would also want single-system viability for
> > non-commercial, to provide for those users that just want
> > their private
> > little cyberspace to dick around with.
> >
> > So where's the rub?
> Imposing a requirement for 'user-scalable securities' on the
> design from day one is like imposing a requirement for royalty
> collection on the design of a file sharing system.
> While you're bashing your head against a brick wall, someone else
> ignores the brick wall, routes around it and just flipping does it.
> Save the brick wall for a rainy day (or PhD students in need of a thesis).

A completely open system meant to be distributed widely across the internet
is a doomed system.  Even current games have netcode security to prevent

Your prior examples of the internet having hackers implied that you would
have similar securities in place.  Without the securities already in place,
the internet would quickly devolve into a cesspool of viruses ;)

I'm not expecting stellar, 100% effective security here, but come on, even
the most basic of internet-accesible systems should have simple securities.

-Megan Fox

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