[vworld-tech] Ultimate MMO Platform

Ian Winter (Xest) xest at xest-net.org
Fri Apr 2 13:58:04 PST 2004

Okay, I'll start off by saying I'm a nobody, until now just an observer on
the list, I don't have any professional game dev background (although I'd
love to find my way into the industry, lack of a degree has held me back),
just 8 years of playing around at home. So, I apologize in advance if
anything I say is totally flawed or some such, and not only that I apologize
if my thoughts are a little jumbled and confusing, I was never the best at
getting ideas down on paper.

However, reading this discussion about P2P MMOs (and this links in somewhat
with Jim's e-mail related plans) has rekindled some thoughts I had a couple
of years back - using an IRC style setup for an MMO network. A lot of IRC
networks consist of multiple servers, and the vast majority of these servers
are linked into the network voluntarily, although it's not P2P, having a
voluntary network where trusted servers (worlds, or extensions to existing
worlds) could be linked into the world at any time would be pretty darn neat
and would easily allow for an ever expanding virtual world. Following
further on from the whole IRC style setup, a lot of IRC networks also have
trusted bots to control services, for example name (character?)
registration. Of course, the bots can also be added in, removed and such at
any time - totally modular. Again, although it's not P2P, I dare say it's a
step closer to that than a lot of current systems, and in fact, with the
many open/free-source IRC daemons out there right now there's surely a lot
of good code already written to get things rolling on this type of project

Any thoughts on this are really appreciated as it's a project I'd certainly
like to have a go at myself, pending of course further thoughts on the
feasibility of such a thing.



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