[ENet-discuss] enet 1.3.6 dll for .net

James Bellinger james at illusorystudios.com
Sun Feb 24 05:15:50 PST 2013


I've got one at:


You can also get it on NuGet, but that package doesn't have samples and 
has only XML documentation not a help file.
Either way, it includes a sample that echoes data back and forth between 
a client and server.

The bindings are presently compiled for 32-bit, so you'll need to go to 
Target CPU and choose x86.
By 'can't compile that', do you need a .sln for a particular version of 
Visual Studio, or...?


On 2/24/2013 2:59 AM, BS Flasher wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anyone send me a compiled dll (or ready project) for enet 1.3.6 in
> .net framework 2?
> I can't compile that.
> Thanks
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