[ENet-discuss] Problem with fragmentation and reassembly of big enet packets

RAULO-KUMAGAI Emmanuel IT&L@bs emmanuel.raulo at orange-ftgroup.com
Wed Apr 28 09:06:13 PDT 2010


I'm experiencing problems with receiving big packets over enet.

At the sending side, I'm using a "client only" host (e.g. 
enet_host_service() is never called for that host, except when 
connecting to receiving peer).

The same code works just fine with small packets but, as soon as those 
get a little bigger than 2 kilobytes, I'm not receiving packets on the 
other side: at 3KB I'm receiving some packets then nothing, at 40KB 
packets are never received.

Packets are created with the flag ENET_PACKET_FLAG_RELIABLE.

I'm experiencing this issue under Windows XP SP3, with either the two 
applications running on the same machine or 2 separate machines on a 
gigabit LAN.

Am I overlooking something or is this a bug?

Support would be greatly appreciated.

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