[ENet-discuss] Real advantage of using multiple channel

Syed Setia Pernama syedhs at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 27 22:07:52 PDT 2010


Just thought of describing the problem first, and my action and also what are your similar experience about using channel.

First of all, I have this problem where the packet comes in 'burst mode' ie the transmitter (client) sends packet in fix interval ie every 50ms (20hz) but the server *sometimes* receives the data all 40 in once (for an example) - the worst is probably around 80. Ideally it should have received this in fixed interval too but this doesn't happen. It is quite frustrating as this make position extrapolation difficult.

The question:

1) Is it the fault of the network switch (need to upgrade to intelligent?) or could it be cable infra? In other word, is it *probably* related to hardware?

2) As for the s/w side (specifically enet), will it be better (or any beneficial) if I assign different channel to packets which are utmost important eg in a multiplayer scenario with cars moving around, the cars packet are transmitted in its own channel, and the rest is default?

It would be very interesting if you guys had encountered the 'data burst' scenario, and to list what kind of fixes that are done.

Thanks a lot.


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