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Sat May 2 20:29:37 PDT 2009

the peer after it has told you about the event and you have had a
chance to react.  And the connection function will return a new peer
with no way to re-use the existing peer that I know of...  Which does
confuse me a bit in the case of attempting to make a new connection
inside of the disconnection event when there is no more peers left...
I don't know if in that case it would still consider that peer as
valid resulting in the inability to form a new connection or if it
would end up using that same peer destroying data inside of it that
you may still need...  So I copied any data I needed from the peer
object before making the new connection just in case...   I guess
these questions could be solved easily by looking into the enet code
or setting the peer count to 1 and doing some testing...

On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 2:47 PM, William Brandt<taekvideo at> wrote:
> When a user is disconnected from the server and is reconnecting, do I nee=
> to get a new ENetPeer object (from the enet_host_connect() function), or =
> it possible to use the same one to reconnect? =A0Also, if I have to get a=
> one, do I need to delete the old one (& how)?
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