[ENet-discuss] ENetPeer structure when reconnecting

Marc Rochel marc.rochel at udicom.de
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Hi !


Something related was bugging me some time as well. When you try to
connect, after a while, if successful, you get a
ENET_EVENT_TYPE_CONNECT, but you never get a notification when the
connection doesn't get established. Maybe enet keeps trying infinitly
itself? I "solved" the issue for me by checking if some selfdefined
timeout is passed and the call enet_host_destroy. Creating a new one
afterwards and trying to connect again works.


Best regards




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Ruud van Gaal wrote: 

This all sounds familiar. I have this connection scheme with the
- the server may not be online yet
- the client attempts a connection every second or 2, to see if the
is already alive
- I only want 1 connection (client<->server)
I have a C++ wrapper (class QNClient) which only tracks 1 peer. This
class is legacy and only represents 1 link to a server (class QNServer).
For repeated connection attempts, this was no problem in the past
ENet); I sent out some kind of CONNECT packet, and if something came
it was connected.
With the ENet peer, I start an enet_host_connect() with every connection
attempt. If I create an ENet host with only 1 peer, I run out of peers
this first connect attempt.
It's a bit awkward, since if I allow more peers in the ENet host,
peers may connect succesfully. I'll have to drop the surplus of
once the server comes up and it turns out I get multiple
It seems to work though with 1 peer, I just get a lot of 'out of peer'
when trying enet_host_connect(). I haven't tried resetting the peer; I
think I want to since a connect reply may still be incoming and I'd
handle that as usual.

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	Perhaps as I said you ran out of peers...  So until the 
	callback stack was finished that peer wouldn't be free yet...
	On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 11:23 PM, William 
	Brandt<taekvideo at gmail.com> <mailto:taekvideo at gmail.com>  wrote:

		Daniel Aquino wrote:
		>From what i know there is no deleting.  I believe enet 

	will clean up

		the peer after it has told you about the event and you
have had a 
		chance to react.  And the connection function will
return a 

	new peer 

		with no way to re-use the existing peer that I know

	Which does 

		confuse me a bit in the case of attempting to make a new
		inside of the disconnection event when there is no more 

	peers left...

		I don't know if in that case it would still consider
that peer as 
		valid resulting in the inability to form a new
connection or if it 
		would end up using that same peer destroying data inside
of it that 
		you may still need...  So I copied any data I needed
from the peer
		object before making the new connection just in case...
I guess
		these questions could be solved easily by looking into

	enet code 

		or setting the peer count to 1 and doing some testing...
		On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 2:47 PM, William 

	Brandt<taekvideo at gmail.com> <mailto:taekvideo at gmail.com>  wrote:

		When a user is disconnected from the server and is 

	reconnecting, do I 

		need to get a new ENetPeer object (from the
		function), or is it possible to use the same one to 

	reconnect?  Also, 

		if I have to get a new one, do I need to delete the old
one (& how)?


		well what I'm doing now seems to be working...
		the main problem I was having was that
enet_host_connect() was 
		returning NULL when I tried to reconnect.  It seems I
had to 
		explicitly call
		enet_peer_reset() on the old peer object before I

	and get a 

		new peer object.

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You should add a 5000ms delay when you call enet_host_service() to check
for connect events after calling enet_host_connect().  Then if you don't
get a response you can safely assume that the server isn't going to
respond and reset the peer then try again.

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