[ENet-discuss] NAT Traversal

Aidan McKenna aidan at grassgames.com
Wed Feb 4 04:09:58 PST 2009

Hello there,

I mentioned before having problems getting connections over NATs, and 
was told to investigate STUN etc. which I did. I ended up getting a 
successful NAT UDP hole punch through solution going.

I finally got a connection working fine the other day with a friend via 
2 routers.

However its still not working for a lot of people. I have a server setup 
that is not behind any NATs that both players communicate with in order 
to get the public network address of the other player.

The problem is that while the server can send a message to some players, 
other players do not get any response at all from the server. The 
message is sent from the server ok back to the exact address as the 
incoming request from the player, but the player is not getting this 

Anybody know what the problem is here?


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