[ENet-discuss] Possible bug - more info

Kresimir Cosic kreso at galacticmag.com
Wed Jan 9 03:28:31 PST 2008

Hi again!

After analyzing some cases of disconnects, I found out a pattern 
related to the case I described. What happens is that peers are 
disconnected soon after connecting.

The problem seems to be that the client sends 
ENET_PROTOCOL_COMMAND_CONNECT (no. 02) twice, the second time is 
usually just several packets after initial connect command (and has 
the same peerId, same challenge, same reliableSequenceNumber...). 
Well, at least I find it suspicious.

After that, the connection goes into some half-alive state. The 
client keeps resending COMMAND_CONNECT, although some data is 
already coming through, and it seems to me that I also spotted acq 
for sequence number 0.

Any ideas what I stumbled upon?


Another note about the sniff log that was provided. That log 
contains a small anomaly at the start, there is one additional 
unsuccessful connection (I didn't even notice it), but by comparing 
it to other logs of broken connections (where this doesn't happen) I 
would say that it could be ignored.

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