[ENet-discuss] ENet 1.2 released!

Lee Salzman lsalzman1 at cox.net
Tue Feb 12 09:54:43 PST 2008

If you have been using CVS for the last couple months or so,
then there is nothing new here in 1.2 for you to see. The
code has been running in the wild since then (in last
Sauerbraten release) and hasn't caused any computers to
halt and catch fire, so I'll take that as a sign it is stable.

You can find the bits here: http://enet.bespin.org/download/enet-1.2.tar.gz

Quoth the ChangeLog:

* fixed bug in VERIFY_CONNECT acknowledgement that could cause connect
attempts to occasionally timeout
* fixed acknowledgements to check both the outgoing and sent queues
when removing acknowledged packets
* fixed accidental bit rot in the MSVC project file
* revised sequence number overflow handling to address some possible
disconnect bugs
* added enet_host_check_events() for getting only local queued events
* factored out socket option setting into enet_socket_set_option() so
that socket options are now set separately from enet_socket_create()

Caveats: While this release is superficially protocol compatible with 1.1,
differences in the sequence number overflow handling can potentially cause
random disconnects if a 1.1 peer interacts with a 1.2 peer.

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