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Philip Bennefall philip at pbsoundscape.net
Sat Aug 9 06:19:37 PDT 2008

Hi Andrew and everyone else,

This question seems to come up frequently... Here's a very simple server that you can study. Based on that you should easily be able to make a client, the only difference is that you connect instead of listen and you have to compose the packets which is a snap to do.

The code is not indented, because it makes it much harder for a blind person like myself to read indented code on a braille display. Hope it works for you anyway.

Philip Bennefall
  P.S. This compiles on both Windows and Linux straight out of the box.
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  I have been working on this for awhile now and I am having a real problem trying to get a basic client and server working. 

  Is it possible for someone to post a working client and server console app so I can modify and study it as I find the current tutorial and documentation difficult to comprehend on how to correctly add enet to my code.



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