[ENet-discuss] enet engine question

eye at dihalt.com eye at dihalt.com
Wed Aug 6 07:57:59 PDT 2008


In protocol.cpp, line 187 enet is looking packets queued
for sent in order
to find one for acknowledge. The line looks like this:

if (outgoingCommand -> sendAttempts < 1) return

Why enet stops search at first packet that is not a
re-sent? Isn't it
possible that outgoingReliableCommands contains lot of
packets, some of them
with 0 == sendAttempts, and packet to acknowledge is not
among first ones?

Of course this will not break enet, but may bring slowdown.
Maybe it can be like:

if (outgoingCommand -> sendAttempts < 1) continue;


P.S. I'm new to mailing lists, maybe someone reading this
message knows why my posts are not added as new ones and
are attached as replay to last / random mailing list
message? I'm writing to 'Discussion of the ENet library
<enet-discuss at cubik.org>' with topic '[ENet-discuss] enet
engine question'.

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