[ENet-discuss] Unreliable disconnects when shutting down

Daniel McGarry Dan at doublefine.com
Tue Apr 29 15:48:54 PDT 2008

Yeah that's what I assumed.  I've been code diving this afternoon, and
it seems the WSASendTo call attempting to send the disconnect packet
fails with a 'host unreachable'.  I'm tracking this down now.

Thanks for the response

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enet_peer_disconnect_now should do exactly what you need. As far as I 
have tested it, it works.


Daniel McGarry wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I'm new to the list, so this may have been discussed before. I browsed

> the archives and didn't find anything obvious, so here goes:
> I'm trying to organize my "shutdown" sequence so that my peers have 
> their ENET_EVENT_TYPE_DISCONNECT event triggered immediately as I feel

> I shouldn't have to wait for the timeout. Also, I'd really prefer not 
> having to sit in some sub-loop for 3 seconds or have my shutdown 
> sequence happen asynchronously. I was hoping to find an enet function 
> that would send off my disconnect command right away so that I can 
> safely call enet_host_destroy and enet_deinitialize immediately 
> afterwards. I know that my peer's may not be **guaranteed** to receive

> my disconnect command, but that's not a tremendous concern.
> So far, every enet_peer_disconnect call I make does not cause my 
> peer's DISCONNECT event to be triggered. I had assumed that 
> enet_peer_disconnect_now would be just what I was looking for, but 
> alas, no disconnect events are ever triggered on peers. I can't 
> imagine that my packet loss is that severe, so I'm assuming its 
> behavior is not what I'm expecting.
> Has anyone run into this? How did you handle it?
> Thanks
> Dan McGarry
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